About Tutti Frutti Farms

Tutti Frutti Farms is a family-run business located in Central California. A 5th generation farmer, Chris Cadwell and his family began farming on 14 acres of hillside property in Carpinteria, starting with a variety of fruit trees. After naming the farm “Tutti Frutti” – Italian for ‘all fruits’ – they soon branched out into growing produce for the coastal communities of Southern California. From the start, Tutti Frutti Farms utilized organic growing practices and continue to follow those guidelines today. In fact, all Tutti Frutti produce isĀ CCOF certified.

In 1990, the whole family – 5 children, 3 goats & 1 horse – moved the farm to Santa Rosa Road, a more remote piece of land between Buellton and Lompoc. Over the years, Tutti Frutti farming operations have grown to approximately 300 acres. Growing a variety of certified organic vegetables, from heirloom tomatoes and peppers to cool weather crops like artichokes, peas and greens, businesses and individuals can find Tutti Frutti produce at local farmers’ markets and select nationwide organic specialty distributors.

As one of the few remaining vegetable growers in an area better known for its pinot noir grapes, Tutti Frutti attributes its success to its unique location.

Located on the Santa Ynez River, far from polluting highways, the farm is surrounded by wilderness, guaranteeing a wealth of natural predatory insects. Fifteen miles inland from the Pacific coast, a coastal breeze minimizes mildew while evening fog slows the ripening process, a truly natural flavor enhancer! Through religious planting of cover crops like vetch and clover, Tutti Frutti is able to keep the soil healthy and mineral rich. The natural rhythms of the unique micro climate offer additional defense against pests and plant disease.

From our farm to your table, enjoy!
-The Cadwells